EDnet manages a rapidly expanding global AUDIO network of over 500 North American Affiliates, and over 200 International Associates, in cities throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. EDnet has become recognized as the most innovative value-added telecommunications network in the entertainment industry.

• EDnet’s AUDIO affiliates use ISDN digital lines. EDnet arranges initial connections and retains responsibility for their ongoing uninterrupted service.

• EDnet is a complete service provider, including systems integration, hardware, software, technical "know-how" and 24/7 technical and application support.

EDnet provides International networking services not only through its own private network, but to other affiliated networks and off-network studios in over 250 cities worldwide through its managed gateway. This enables studios to:

• Make digital connections between non-compatible audio codecs such as Dolby AC2 and AC3, apt-X, MPEG Layer II or III, MPEG4 AAC, and G.722.

• Connect to DolbyFax, Telos Zephyr, CDQPrima, APT WorldNet, 3D2, Comrex, and others.

• Connect to Source Elements IP codecs

• Connect with multiple simultaneous locations (up to 10!) or multiple audio channels (up to 6) or connect to satellite broadcast up-links.

• Connect to the INTERNET for live audio and video webcasts.

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