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What can EDnet, the Entertainment Digital Network, do for me?
Are you posting your movie in Los Angeles and your actors are already working on another film in Dublin? or Denver, Dayton, Duluth, Dallas, or Dusseldorff? Do you need to participate in a scoring session in Europe, but you can't spare the time away from your editing room in Los Angeles? Are you making a commercial in New York, but your choice of voice talent is on vacation in Santa Monica? Call 1-800-93-ednet for immediate aid. For more than two decades, producers, directors, composers, coordinators and talent from around the world have known that EDnet is the answer to all their long distance audio production communications problems. We know how to connect you to the best studio for your particular needs.

What does EDnet do?
Think of it as the longest patch cord on the planet. EDnet’s audio products gives you full production quality mono and stereo audio, with or without timecode, transmitted via high speed data circuits between the studios. Live, in realtime. You can record talent from 6,000 miles away, just as if they were in the booth down the hall.

How does this all work?
EDnet provides integrated solutions made up of hardware and software audio codecs coupled with communications services especially for the Entertainment Business. EDnet connects full quality audio over commonly available ISDN and Internet data circuits. In over 20 years of operation, we’ve built an affiliate base of North America’s top post facilities, film studios, home voiceover studios, and commercial recording facilities, recording tens of thousands of sessions, all happening over "The EDnet." We keep an extensive database of studios and their connectivity and equipment and can help you connect with just the right studio for your job.

How do I get started?
EDnet’s Affiliate and Associate programs get you connected up and running as soon as possible, handling line installation and test, and by providing concise startup guides and personal installation support. Once you’ve been turned up, EDnet will provide round-the-clock technical support on everything from the hardware to the network connection — any problem at all, and we’ll handle it, from overnight hardware replacement to telco circuit troubleshooting. We’ll also market your studio to our other affiliates and feature your studio on our web site, and we'll provide discounted Bridge connections-- The EDnet Bridge allows studios with incompatible codecs to connect with each other through our transcoding facility.

Of course, if you just want to buy equipment, we can help with that too.

We offer a number of solutions at various price points, all with top quality. Ask around and then get in touch — we’ll devise the best solution for your particular needs.


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