Affiliate and Associate Programs

ednet's affiliates are the heart of our business. From the voiceover talent using the network to work in the convenience of his or her private studio to post production giants tracking across multiple continents simultaneously, ednet is represented in all facets of the recording industry. Generally a studio enters into an agreement with us to become part of the network for a term of three years. Being part of ednet’s network allows a studio (which we refer to as an "affiliate studio") to establish a link with, and therefore transmit audio and/or video information to, any other affiliate studio. An affiliate studio may also participate in joint promotional and advertising activities describing our network of affiliate studios, have access to certain technical support described below and a software directory of affiliate studios. Affiliate studios also are charged lower link-up rates than those charged to non-affiliate studios to connect to studios with incompatible equipment. Currently, the network is composed of over 500 studios across North America, with major concentrations in California, Seattle, St. Louis, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Atlanta and on the East Coast from Washington, D.C. to New York and Boston.

AFFILIATE Program Highlights

• You may already own network equipment, if not...
• ednet recommends appropriate hardware for application
• ednet procures, assembles, and tests all equipment before delivery

Technical Support
• ednet provides installation and trouble-shooting with phone companies
• ednet provides 24x7 maintenance, engineering and technical support

Access to eLink™
• Bridging services between MPEG, Dolby, apt-X G.722, and others
• Affiliates get reduced service rates on our cross standards bridge

Publicity and Promotional Opportunities
• Promotion of AFFILIATES for International marketing potential
• Booking Referrals through ednet from inquiries by producers and directors

Costs Involved and Billing Process
• See separate PRICE GUIDE for current equipment and usage prices
• Equipment costs are always very competitive with other dealers
• Installation includes charges from local phone company
• Complete technical assistance in the installation process
• Network engineer on-site by special arrangement
• Monthly Network Access costs cover local phone connection ednet adds no markup to monthly cost from phone company
• Network Usage is billed in 1-minute increments


• You may already own network equipment, if not...
• ednet recommends appropriate hardware for application
• ednet procures, assembles, and tests all equipment before delivery

Services Provided
• Reduced service rates for eLink, the cross-standards network bridge
• National and international promotion of the Network and each member

Services Not Provided
• Telecommunications Connections: ASSOCIATE will need to make necessary arrangements with local phone services provider for ISDN data service configured as a digital "local loop" connection
• Installation: There will be a one-time fee from ASSOCIATE’S local services provider for the networking configuration, test, and installation.
• Ongoing trouble shooting of connectivity issues with service providers are the responsibility of the studio’s technicians.

Costs and Term
• ASSOCIATE Membership is renewable on a quarterly basis, after first year.
• ASSOCIATE Network Fees: ednet will charge $150 per quarter for the services described. This covers the costs of the national and international promotion of our AFFILIATES and ASSOCIATES, and access to eLink.
• Network Usage: ASSOCIATES receive lower service rates for eLink bridging service.


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